Started in 1997 as a diamond manufacturer, exporter and wholesaler who specialized in fancy and color diamond with varied sizes and shapes. Later, Prism Group quickly established itself as a leader in the world of Jewellery. The unique Jewellery line-up of Prism combined the artistic excellence with the aesthetic brilliance. The bold designs of Prism experimented with a mixture of bright colors interlaced carefully in the warm hues of metals like yellow, rose and white gold, resulting in an exotic piece of fine art.

Due to the increase in the demand for our products and services, we started our Honk Kong office in the year 2002, within a short span of 5 years. While we were busy establishing in our new base, we made sure that our customers loved the Jewellery we crafted specially for them. Our ability to astonish and keep our customers in constant awe made us to start our own line-up of Jewellery in the year 2005. Ever since, we have grown by leaps and bounds. Today, our Jewellery line up is being exported worldwide, mainly to the United States of America and Eurpore market.


Prism History


Prism Group was started in 1997 as a jewellery manufacturer, exporter and wholesaler that specialised in fancy jewellery. Our speciality was our extraordinary ability to make natural diamond jewelleries of varied sizes and shapes. We quickly, established ourselves as a leader in the world of jewellery.


Global Business

Within a short span of five years, we have expanded our business globally. Today, we have our manufacturing processes going on in China and India. We have also started our global office in the international economic hub of Hong Kong in the year 2002.


Started Producing Jewellery

As our products instilled a sense of satisfaction and awe among the people, there was a demand for our Jewellery. In order to cater to the global need, we have started our own line-up of Jewellery in the year 2005.

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